The power of self-forgivness

I used to cut my skin. I have theories that I really started in young childhood, but I won’t get into that. I really started with a tools at about 15. I did it frequently until I moved out at 18, and then sporadically as I tried university, living on my own and then moved back home. It’s been nearly 2 years since I last did it and I consider myself “recovered”, although I still have urges when strong emotions come up.

In September 1996, about 6 months after my parents split up, I started having constant joint pain. The pain continued for 10 years.

Earlier this year I was working on self-forgivness, self-help and the like. And I started to forgive myself for harming my own body for so long.

The pain started to go away after this. I still have some pain occasionally. But after internalizing my self-hatred for so many years, just a few minutes of work rid me of it almost completly. Now I have to work on loving myself instead.



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2 responses to “The power of self-forgivness

  1. lookingonthebrightside

    Just wanted to say I read this.
    It was powerful to read.

  2. asrais

    Thanks. It was powerful moments for us.

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