Buy nothing challenge April

One of our favorite blogs (that’s not on the blog roll. asrai needs to update that), Crunchy Chicken is having a buy nothing (new) in April Challenge.

  • No new clothes
  • No new gadgets
  • No new furniture or housewares
  • No salon services
  • No makeup
  • No tools
  • No whatever the hell else people buy

So since we don’t buy any of those things, we’re in. In fact we buy almost nothing except books and I try to not even buy those. Bookmooch anyone?

But, one caveat for us. We have to buy a new cell phone this month. I’ve dropped the Nokia (virgin prepaid) a few too many times and the last time it went flying and the top came off. I managed to get it back on and it still rings (oddly) but after you click the answer button (nothing shows on the screen) no one sound goes anywhere. So … new phone. I just put $25 on too. Otherwise I likely wouldn’t bother. Or, prolly our SO would make us becuase we have a 30 minute drive to and from work and he worries about us on the road.


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