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I started a craft/book blog. Yes, because I don’t have enough blogs. But, I feel like I need to divide myself up. I do this in my life a lot. I have an offline persona, a mom persona, an mulitple persona, a sexual personal and never shall any of them cross.

I don’t tell people I’m multiple except online in small doses. I don’t tell people I write smut (even you guys out there).  These things are all carefully organized and seperated for survival purposes.

Anyway, the link to my craft blog is here.


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  1. I’ve created a blog to talk about design, crafts, interesting articles, etc. etc. and want you to be a part of it!

    You can subscribe to the blog on the top right of the home page. Also, please feel free to comment on the posts…your feedback will help me create the best blog for all things creative!

    If you have craft ideas, favorite stores, blogs or anything else you want to see advertised please email me at

    If you would like to exchange links or add each other to our blog rolls please email me at


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