Sexual Power

Sexual power or what I wish someone had told me about sex …

The power to feel sexual, but not Be sexual. The power to BE sexual with our self. To let our fantasies turn us on without shame, to touch our bodies for the sheer pleasure of it and not feel guilty afterward.

To express to another our desire, to share pleasure with them. To respect their desire, respect to share their desire or keep it to them self.

If two people with ability to consent, do consent to share sex, to do so in the safest manner, so as to prevent disease and pregnancy. For partners to know, if it comes up, what they should an unplanned pregnancy occur. (One of my favorite sexual decisions was a woman who decided to have sex only with men she felt comfortable raising a child with.)

The power to able to ask what you want from sex, and from a sexual partner. The power to say no, at any time and be respected. To be okay if your partner refuses sex. The power to try something different, even if it doesn’t bring you closer to orgasm.

The power to not be shamed by people who are afraid to feel sexual for fear it will take over everything.

And the power to NOT confuse LOVE and SEX.

You cannot sell sex for love. You can sell it for money. But, if you try to take instead of accepting, you’ll never truly have a partner.


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