Oh so very much to say

I went on a week’s vacation. You can see the Rocky Mountains in my webalbum at google pictures. Also Athabasca Falls just south of Jasper, AB and the Elk that camped on our campspot doorstep for an hour or two. WHich was nervewracking.

Anyway, it was a good vacation and I have much to say. Only I can’t put it in words.

I’m trying to get through my blogs and google alerts and the rest of it. And still trying to clean up and unpack. It’s like vacation hangover. I also ended up with a real hangover on vacation. Apparently I swear a lot when I’m drunk. I don’t recall that much.

While on vacation, everyone else inside here just disappeared. They are slowly making appereances, but whenever there are outsides invovled my head just shuts down. I don’t know if I do it involuntarily, the body does it or they do it.

There were also some interesting politicalish conversations. My FIL works in the forestery industry and was telling us some interesting things about it. And we also talked about energy conservation. What we should do. The state of the economy and the world. How the world might shift in the future, especially the balance of power. It was also very interesting. I’ll write some about it later. Esp about bleached paper products.

I’m enjoying this blog: SexOffenderResearch. Which has lots of interesting news from North America, and other things. They have a long list of descriptive tags which are convinently located on the right sidebar for perusual.

Okie time to move on. I have much books to add to my book list.

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