Better feminism?

There’s a lot of words being thrown around in this blog post and the accompanying comments: pro-porn, radical, glamour, pop, blame.

These are words that judge. Words that divide.

Am I supposed to stand in awe of this bloggers feminism because you torture yourself thinking of women who work in the sex industry?

I won’t deny there are problems with how the sex industry works and takes advantage of women. Maybe even a majority. But there are women who aren’t abused within it, who truly enjoy doing this type of work. Should we deny them that choice?

I wish we lived in a world where women weren’t forced into these roles. But I also wish we lived in a world where all pregnancies were wanted ones. Where women could wear whatever the hell they want and not be judged or harrassed for it.

I think radical feminism such as the man accusing/blaming are really offputting for many women. 50% of the population is male. We have to live with, work with and interact with them. To go around saying that they are all potiential abusers, rapsits, and perputating the sex industry is alienate potential allies.

Radical feminism is misunderstood. From “Radical feminism opposes patriarchy, not men. To equate radical feminism to man-hating is to assume that patriarchy and men are inseparable, philosophically and politically.”

But when people put it into words, it comes out looking like man hating.

This is the kind of feminism I don’t want to be associated with. Where men are the bad guys. Where I’m wrong for wearing jewelry, make up and dresses. Or whatever the issue du jour is.

Perhaps some women don’t write about issues that don’t touch them because they don’t feel they can do them justice. I can’t write about prostitution because it’s an abstract for me. I can’t write about what it means to be a black, obese or living in a large city. These aren’t my realities.

I cannot be against pornography and prostitution on the whole. (In the interest of full disclosure, I hate porn. I hate when my bf watches it, I don’t like to watch it and I wouldn’t want to participate in it. I reason behind this is the porn industry caters to mainly the male erotic vision. I haven’t found any porn that I want to see, that works for me. And I have my doubts that I will on the fact that explicit penis-in-vagina fucking doesn’t turn me on. I love reading a good porn story. With emotions and thoughts behind it all.)

If patriarchy is the problem, the solution is not getting rid of sex work all together is it? Couldn’t the change come from the industry itself? I agree with the view that patriarchy is responsible for opression, but throwing out everything patriarchy has built isn’t exactly the way to go.

Should we throw out the government? The Internet? Schools?

Isn’t the goal to rework how society works so that it is equal for all people?

Also to read is this awesome post at Feminism 101, Isn’t the exitense of the term “sex-positive feminism” effectively an admission that many feminsts are anti-sex?

Maybe the glamour feminists just aren’t anti-porn?

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  1. sanefeminist

    Great post!

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