Holy crap

I don’t mean for this to be a feminist blog of late, but when things come up they come. And this … has come.

I was blogging around reading about feminism and individual feminsim. and I got linked to IWF website. And I came across this article linking to this article in THE AGE (An Austrialian paper). And then my brain exploded (and then lunch came, and it got really hot and we went to the water park).

Now,if you didn’t open the link in a new window, the article title is:

Women tricked into selling unborn into slavery

The article goes onto say that many poor pregnant women are tricked into human trafficking by being promised a better life for their unborn children (or trafficked women become pregnant in slavery) and the children are sold, enslaved and otherwise abused.

Except the article keeps saying THE UNBORN are sold, enslaved and otherwise abused.

NO. You can’t sell, enslave and abuse a fetus. The fetus is not viable outside the mother until birth. After birth all these things are possible and should be punished.

How can you confuse real human babies with unborn fetus who are in utero? My mind boggles.

What the article doesn’t talk about is the mothers. The women who are preyed upon becuase of their pregnancy. Who’s helping them?

This article reeks of the same language used in the Canadian Bill C-484, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and a back door to criminlizing abortion. (And if you are Canadian I suggest that you sign the petition against this Bill and write your MP. You can find more information at: April Reign).

I guess this really revelvant to my original goal for this blog. Becoming sex positive.

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