Debating and blogs

This post from the wonderous Jenny Crusie (whom I worship. I don’t really have a shrine or anything to these authors but maybe i should …) got me thinking (along with the recent feminism stuff I’ve been writing).

After a blog post is published and people comment on it for a few days, no more than 2 weeks, it’s dead. It’s gone. No one thinks about it anymore, we move on.

When you blog there’s a pressure to create new content continually, weekly if not daily. I notice if I haven’t posted in a few days, the traffic on the site drops off quickly and harshly. And then I feel the pressure to post again.

This isn’t a culture that fosters debate. Forums are more suited to that. If you keep commenting on a thread it’s bumped to the top. With blogs, if a new comment is posted on an old post you may be notified by email (if you previously commented and choose that option), if you are the blog poster in the first place, or if you kept the blog post in your RSS Feed or something similar and you go back to that post to check.

I have no idea where this is going, but there are my thoughts for the day. Tomorrow’s thoughts may be on porn, feminism and abuse (think: correlation is not causation).  I have som eother plans, but until then … talk amoungst yourselves. It’s what happens in my brain all the time.

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