Television issues

With my new job I will be at home in the evenings. And my partner watches a lot of TV. And most TV is in my opinion BAD television. Bad acting, bad writing, bad bad bad.

And I snark. I snark bitterly, harshly, critically.

Like, he doesn’t watch CSI: Miami any more becuase I cannot stop making fun of Hirashio. All dressed in black, lording over the CSI’s as they search for clues, stating the obvious for us dum-dums and then putting his sunglasses on while he says things like “We’ll they won’t get away from us, will they Eric?” How does Eric put up with that shit? Who is directing this? How do we get this from the people that bring us CSI: Las Vegas?

Or, Star Trek: Voyager. Last night SOMETHING happened to Chakotay and at the end he was sick bay undressed (but covered). And, SCANDAL on the ship, Janeway had her hand on His Naked Shoulder, while they talked dramatically about it. And I’m commenting on it and saying “GET A ROOM” and then the channel changed mysteriously. (I love Voyager. I love it all, but it’s soooo bad).

And it’s only going to get worse as I’m home EVERY night. And TV is so bad.

I told him I’m going to write a lot, so that he can watch TV in peace. Listening to too much Quirky Nomads and reading too much Jenny Crusie and reading Television without Pity recaps.

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