The intersection of love and sex

I love love. The giddy feeling of falling. New Relationship Energy (NRE). Compursion- I could totally get into that. The idea of love, the feeling. I like loving people. Romantically, sexually, friends, platonically. I am all about love.

Problem is love and sex are too often equated. Attraction and sex are equated. If I love someone, or if I am attracted to someone I must want to sleep with them. Well, often yes. And so?

If I want to sleep with someone, I will look for ways to act upon that desire?

Sexual energy is just another energy. It can be used as sex or converted. What could you accomplish if you converted your sexual energy into another kind?

I like to convert my attractions and little fantasies into stories. That way I can expereience them, without the physical experience.

I love love. Not so much desire for sex. I enjoy a healthy sexual relationship. Love > sex. I’ll post my other thoughts on love another time. I wrote a (I think) great piece. You can be the judge of that another day.

Edit: Side note to everyone who came here because of my post on girl on girl. I’m amused however that sex sells blogs so well. I guess my smut blog is doing very well. Also a little sad.

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