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I love self help blogs. I have several in my blog rolll (my blog roll here is severely outdated because I’m lazy and blogrolling them takes time. I know … I’ll do it someday).

A short list:



Persistent Illusion

I Will Not Die

Pick the Brain

Simple Marriage Project

I used to read productivity blogs like Zen Habits and Steve Pavlina. But truthfully, I don’t aspire to that much productivity.  I don’t want to be rich. I don’t want to work at home. I don’t work in an office. (I work in a classroom, which I am so loving).

Persistent Illusion posted a few days ago about Plugin Id’s personal development list.  And I was looking through it (and somehwere along the way I clicked a great blog/website link and then never bookmarked it and I can’t find it again!!) and read the “submit your blog” requirements. “If you write in the personal development niche and blog on a regular basis then feel free to send your website and title to plugin AT”

Well, I thought I’ll never be part of that since I’m not writing about the same things these people are.

Except, well I sort of am. I’m writing about MY personal development. But, I don’t really have any advice for people. The PD blogs I read are fond of lists. If you want A try XYZ.

Except XY and Z are simplified answers to a simplified question that’s part of a larger complex equation.

We are looking for the easy answers. That’s why the Law of Attraction is so popular. Oh if it just THINK the right things and FEEL the right away, then I can get what I want with no other effort invovled. Except then those BAD thoughts sneak back in and you start feeling BAD. And then you feel bad about feeling bad and thinking bad thoughts and then it all falls apart.

I’ll reference again Michael Neil who is my favorite Life Coach/radio host/dream mentor. He says, “The voice in your head ISN”T GOD it only sounds like it thinks it is.” One of his tips is to: Change that voice in your head so it sounds like a Mickey Mouse voice the next time it’s telling you you aren’t good enough. (Make sure you won’t be looked at funny when you start randomly giggling).  Another thing he suggests is to just notice your thoughts. “Oh look, I’m thinking a negative thought.” And then that thought will pass.

You don’t have to believe your thoughts. He reiterates it almost EVERY podcast he does (which you can listen to for Free on Hay House Radio. New podcasts are free for a week and he does one nearly every week. You can only get the archives/RSS feeds by paying. So I just go the site after his Thursday show and listen).  So, since he hammers the same basics home almost every show, I get the similar message constantly.(Blogs change so quickly to keep readers interested that i never get a chance to get one thing implemented before the new post comes and I delete the old one so as not to clutter my box and it’s so confusing!!).

But, I don’t have original advice to give people. I have my own experience, and things I do may or may not work for someone else. I like trying new things, but few of them seem to stick. (Why I’m not being paid to write).

So this is my personal development blog. Which is also a feminst-leaning, environmental blog. And sometimes I just bitch about how my life is going.

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5 responses to “My Personal Development Blog

  1. Came across your blog and thought you might be interested the Happiness Project. Check it out at

  2. I like your post 🙂 and the bits and pieces of advice you put here and there. I agree, no one can train you to think in a certain way. But accepting that you need to change your way of thinking is quite a start. Maybe someday we’ll win over all the negativity. good luck!

  3. asrais

    Jayme: the happiness project is part of the liferemix network. I was too lazy to list them all seperatly.

    Shivya: Thank you. I hope we can change. And I hope that positivity will win. Good luck with your adventure as well.

  4. chad

    I found a great film that has so many answers for how to impliment the law of attraction. The film is The Opus. Many people are referring to this film as the sequel to the Hit film The Secret because it features the return of so many teachers from The Secret. In addition to the great message of this film The Opus is rewarding people for sharing the message. They are paying people to share the film as affiliates. Sign up is free and you know how well the secret sold. Become an affiliate at Sign up under Chad Norton when they ask who sent you.

  5. Hey! Thanks for the mention 🙂

    I owe you one 😛

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