Exhilarating exhaustion

I’m completly exhausted from my job. It takes me all weekend to recover. I work Tuesday and Thursdays (and the occasionally Friday, which hasn’t happened yet this month but next week it does).

It takes me all weekend to recover. On Wednesday I’m totally useless.

I LOVE it.

To me this means I’m being challenged. I’m being challenged mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s exciting. It’s fun.

Exhilarating exhaustion.
Yes, I just realized this this morning.

I’m trying to finish watching the Gundam Wing series (the original one). An ex-boyfriend introduced me to it, 8 years ago, and I’m finally getting a chance to see them. Up to episode 15 so far out of 50. Yes, I am a geek/dork. The last of my bookmooch books went out so I can gear up to donate to I Will Not Die’s Great Dream Catcher.

Now then, my baby is having her 6th today and I have a party to get ready for. I’d love to sit and write for the rest of the day, but there is much to get done. And so little time.



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2 responses to “Exhilarating exhaustion

  1. I really like this post, and for reasons far from sacrifices you made for me.

    To start with exhilaration, to lead us down that path, then this:

    I LOVE it.


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