Revealing Clothing

I like to post “revealing” photos of myself, not nudes, but skimpy clothing type things. I enjoy the exhibitionism. I am a show-off. I’ve been known to call myself an attention slut. It doesn’t matter why- the fact is they are out there.

In particular I’ve been known to use a shot of my thighs in a mini-skirt. I frequently use this as my avatar on message boards. They are me, while allowing me to remain anonymous. I don’t find the picture particularly revealing or all that sexy. If you saw a large version, my legs are clearly in need of a shave, have some minor scarring and I have “thick” runner’s thighs. (I do love that skirt tho).

In variably someone asks if those are my legs. Yep, my legs. Usually followed by a compliment. And about a third of the time someone asks if they can see more. Nope, there’s no more to see, I reply. Please, he asks.

Look, if I wanted you to see more of me I’d have a avatar/picture posted showing more. Don’t ask me for anymore. Don’t presume I want to share myself with you because I’ve showed my legs. I don’t post these things for you, random person. You may admire them. But don’t presume they allow you to ask anything more of me, or that they mean anything about me. I put them there for my enjoyment, not so you can fantasize about me.

When you see a girl in revealing clothing on the street do you ask her to remove her clothing?

Where the hell do people get the nerve to ask for these things?

The anonymity of the Internet seems to make people bolder and stupider. You can ask a woman to show her pussy, because the repercussions are minimal. Usually she’ll take it, ignore it, allow herself to be objectified. What else can she do? Report it to whatever social networking site you both use and hope they’ll ban him? He’ll just rejoin with a new email and new nickname. Go through the trouble of finding his ISP and forward it to them?

I feel a little sorry for these guys who try to get to know me before they ask for pictures. It’s pretty obvious after a few messages, they aren’t looking for a new friend. Kinda makes me laugh as I refuse them and then watch them either badger me until I block them or they just disappear.

My big misunderstanding is why _me_. There are enough free websites out there with girls who are willing to show themselves for free. And if that’s not good enough for $10 you can get the latest Girls Gone Wild. It makes hitting up random people with semi-revealing photos seem a little unnecessary.

In the end, my body is mine. I can choose to flaunt it or hide it.



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4 responses to “Revealing Clothing

  1. Damn right.

    Most men are idiots.

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  3. Henry

    Fuck you, you filthy slut, trying to tell me. What would Trent think? Thanks, I will tell them all about you, whore.

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