Freeze Yer Buns Challenge 2008

With the purchase of an electric fireplace, being at work most days during the week, and needing to save money and the environment, I have joined Crunchy Chicken’s


So, I have the thermostat set to 17 C(I commented wrong sorry Crunchy) during the day when I’m at work/not at work, the kid is at school and partner is at work. When people get home I turn on the electric fireplace, which looks super awesome in our living room. And then at night, the temp goes down to 16 C.

It’s damn cold right now. Everyone is out except me and I’m heading out for shopping. But as long as I don’t sit at the computer too long I keep fairly warm. So wish me luck.

I had a brilliant blog post earlier, but now it’s gonegonegone. Better luck tomorrow.

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2 responses to “Freeze Yer Buns Challenge 2008

  1. Cool concept. That’s cold. We usually set ours to about 67 and dress warm all winter. What’s 17 C? Like 62 F? If so, yikes. Bundle up. đŸ™‚

  2. asrais

    Yep. 62 F. It’s okay if I keep 3 layers on (which is what I do anyway) and keep moving. When I sit down to write I get damn cold. SO I don’t get to write much during the day.

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