Auto-Summarize Fun

MS word (I know gasp in horror) has an auto-summarize feature. And every year NaNo Participants like to run it over their story. Here is mine so far:

Kip Turner <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

Kip Turner. Mandy Green. >Hey Kip

That made Mandy smile. Mandy Green. >Hi Mandy,

Mandy shook her head. “Kip.”

Mandy laughed. >Kip,


Mandy hit send. Mandy was someone’s mom. “Colton.” “Mandy, it’s uh, Kip. Kip Turner.”

“Sorry, Kip. Mandy didn’t reply. Mandy smiled at him. “Kip? “Thanks Colton. “Look, Mandy. Kip laughed. Mandy smiled. Good night Kip.” Mandy logged on. “Hi Mandy. “Kip. Kip blinked. Seventeen year old Mandy.”

Mandy smiled crookedly. Mandy nodded. Mandy giggled. “Colton’s Dad. Kip watched Mandy wiping her eyes. I’m sorry Mandy.”

Mandy smiled. “Good night Kip. Mandy shook her head.

The little >’s mean the person was writing an email. See the story is Mandy and Kip were in love 11 years ago (I’m surprised that didn’t come up at least ONCE) and he left to play pro hockey and she got knocked up by someone else. Now she’s in Red Deer and he’s in Calgary (1 hr apart for those without Albertan geography knowledge) and turns out … they never stopped carrying a torch for each other. Colton is Mandy’s 8 year old.

I like my story and I hate it at the same time. But summarized like that. Too funny.


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  1. That is hilarious … and it’s actually a great deal more coherent than many of the submissions I receive to my writers’ group.

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