Love isn't scarce

Why do we treat love as if it’s a scare commodity? Like if we don’t act the right way we’ll lose it?

I’m tired of love being scary. I’m tired of love being a weapon. As in “do this or I won’t love you.”

Love does not mean romantic attachment. Love does not mean sex. Sex does not mean love. (most of us have been down that road).

Because, I say I love you, doesn’t mean I’m not going to love other people. Because I love other people does not mean I love you any less. (But, you only have so much time to give people and maybe this is the real problem).

I’m of the current belief that we believe in the scarcity of love because we don’t believe we are lovable.

This shall be refined as I make my thoughts more … refined. But it’s what I’ve come up with for right now. This comes from my frustration at the belief that love is finite and equals romantic attachment. Neither of which is real for me.

So, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that I love you. For you.

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One response to “Love isn't scarce

  1. I don’t want to analyze love because it’s the most honest thing I know. There isn’t anything stronger than love…nothing more painful either. I’d rather get my ass kicked than get my heart-broken.

    Insecurity is one of those stupid things that cause so much trouble in relationships. It makes you ask stupid questions and say stupid shit. Stupid shit.

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