I’m at the end of Stolen Tomorrows, and I enjoyed it personally, except for the end. He makes it sound like therapists are these amazing people who can fix the poor abused survivors because those survivors are too messed up to manage on their own.

Well, that’s probably true for some people.Some people want and even need therapy and the objective kind of provision it gives.

I wrote a rant about it and I realized that it’s my problem with this type of authority. I will always argue with someone who is telling me they know better. I will always have a problem with someone telling me understand how my mind works better than I know.

I’m often introspective. I have hundreds, thousands of pages of thoughts. I’ve read tons of self-help books by various authors, which will likely serve me better than talking to one therapist. I choose what applies to me and work with it. Someone to report back to on these might be helpful, but that can be fulfilled by a friend.

What do you think? How do you feel about authority and therapy?


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