Yelling at the television

I was going to call this one “Entitlement” since that’s what it’s really about, but Yelling at the Television is more fun.

I’m not usually allowed to watch the news (or CSI: Miami) because it ends with me snarking and yelling at the television. It kinda drives my partner crazy. Mostly I sit and sew or work on my edit and he watches whatever.

But, we’ve been watching the news. And the “bailout” of the banks in the US. In Canada they did a similar thing, except the government took over some mortgages.

Now in comes the car companies. They are in trouble. They want some money. No, no no. They DEMAND money or else they are leaving Canada all together (uh, what’s the status on blackmail?).

I’m all sympathetic and shit to their plight. Or maybe not. (What’s wrong with the car industry? People cannot justify spending $10,000 on something that is loses value consistently). Time to figure out how to cut costs (what’s the top corporate salary these days? GM’s CEO is slated to make 2.2 million this year plus some market shares, but those might be work shit all in the end. ) and make a quality product that people can justify buying.

The lumber industry in British Columbia (nearly my partner’s entire family works in the mills) is facing the same crisis due to the economy and the Pine Beetle destroying all the trees. (Thanks to warming temperatures overall, the winter kill doesn’t keep them at bay any longer. but don’t worry global warming isn’t real).

I haven’t seen any national news of lumber mills DEMANDING money from the federal government.

When the mad cow disease thing closed the meat trading to the US, Albertan farmers didn’t DEMAND money from the government. They did what they needed to get through it.  Which is bad.(Though apparently farmers can sue the government over it).

I can’t wrap my mind around the feelings of entitlement. What happened to the free market and capitalism? Wasn’t that the golden archway? Why should the government bail out private businesses?I thought businesses that weren’t viable go under and then someone new comes in and takes over, hopefully someone who can run a viable company and make money.

If I fail to manage my finances the government doesn’t run over to bail me out. Granted I’m a believer in socialism, if I lose my job due to circumstances beyond my control … but I try to keep some savings and don’t get into too much debt and have insurance to help in lean times.  But, this is not a case of circumstances beyond their control.

If I have 3 kids and I fall on economic hard times, I can’t go and fire one of them because I have no money to feed them. We all cut back and anyone who whines about getting less food, and poor quality food is smacked down. That’s the way it is. If you want to keep your job, SETTLE FOR LESS WAGES. Or else, go home, someone else will do the same work for less because it’s better than serving tables. And waiting tables is better than nothing (in my opinion, I’ve never been on welfare).

How could they not have guessed that people were not going to keep buying vehicles at the same rate indefinitely? Was no one watching the news saying “hey, those people out there, soon they are going to want better cars that are more fuel efficient”?  No one saw that coming?

So, now I’ve spent an hour doing a google search for “why do car companies feel entitled to money from government” and I’m yelling at the computer screen now. I’m going to go clean my kitchen. My bookmooched copy of “Speed Cleaning” came today and I have some work to do. They say it takes 40 minutes to clean an entire house. COOL!

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