So this is Christmas?

Adding to my last rant about bailouts, I want to talk about people buying cheap crap.

Everyone everywhere is whining that spending is down. People can’t buy all those extras the economy depends(??) on. They have to focus on buying the necessities: food and housing (all it’s inherent costs) and gas to get to those important jobs.

The rising cost of fuel is blamed. But, they are failing to look at things closely enough.

No one wants cheap crap anymore. It clutters our houses. It complicates our lives. And it wastes our hard earned money.

We scaled down Christmas this year. Instead of exchanging gifts with my mother and her fiance, we are going to do something instead as a family. Same with my brother.

Instead of Wal-mart or wherever I’d find the usual clutter for their house I’d give, the money will go to some local amusement type thing. (At this point, likely the closest Science Center). So, I’m not contributing to the larger economy.

I suspect many people are doing the same.

The second reason people are not shopping til the drop is concern for the environment. We can no longer look away from the harm large scale manufacturing is doing. Perhaps if companies recognize this and start using sustainable  practices they will get consumers back on their sides again. First one to do on a large scale wins. (Clorox, btw, making green products and harmful ones does not make you a winner).

Paul Hawkens wrote an amazing book where he outlined a business practice that takes back damaged goods and use their parts to make new goods. I’d feel much better about buying a television, computer, cell phone, or anything else, if I knew it was going to be reused later on. Or otherwise environmentally soundly disposed of.

Recycling has it’s own costs I know, but …

I think the whole fucking system is going to collapse. Governments everything. Down the drains. Reboot? Or maybe not.

Another reason not to watch news. It doesn’t make me as cynical as I used to be about the world.

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