My submission to CBC Radio

CBC Radio is having a contest. I submitted this piece, based on a longer piece of mine (the cut off was 200 words).  The due date is Feb 7, 2009 at midnight and you have to be from Canada. But hey, you never know. So I checked out my blog archive and this one stood out. Some other rants are too long to cut down to 200 words. I also submitted the Exhilarating Exhaustion piece to the blog category. .  Maybe writing is my Zen? I’d have to really cut that down tho.  Anyway, cross you fingers for me.  The link the original piece of this writing is at the bottom courtesy Zemanta.

I like to post “revealing” photos of myself. Not nudes. I’ve most often use a shot of my thighs in a mini-skirt. It’s me, while allowing me to remain anonymous. I don’t find the picture revealing or sexy. I see scarred, thick legs in need of a shave.

Someone usually asks if those are my legs. Yes, they are. Then they compliment me, then ask if they can see more.

If I wanted to show more I would. I don’t post these things for you. I put them there for my enjoyment, not so you can fantasize about me.

When you see a girl on the street do you ask her to remove her clothing?

The anonymity of the Internet makes people bolder and stupider. The repercussions are minimal. It’ll probably  be ignored. What else can be done? Report it to hope they’ll ban him? Go through the trouble of finding his ISP and forward it to them?

There are enough free websites out there with free revealing photos or for $10 you can get the latest Girls Gone Wild.

In the end, my body is mine. I will choose to flaunt it or hide it.

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3 responses to “My submission to CBC Radio

  1. Thanks for turning me on this contest. I only had a few hours and many commitments, so I wrote a mash-up of my last few blog entries. I haven’t told any of my friends. Shh, you’re the only one who knows.

    I remember reading this way back in the day (the day being a few months ago). Good luck!

  2. asrais

    Good luck to you as well.
    I was annoyed that I hadn’t heard about it before as I might have taken more time to craft something. But, sometimes my best stuff is crafted on the fly.

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