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Someone came to read one of my posts by searching “Criticism of Steve Pavlina”. So I searched that term, interested to see what’s out there. (Not much incidentally via WordPress), but I came across something else very wonderful.

Slow blog. Or more precisely a reference to Todd Sieling’s Slow blog manifesto.

Here are some other interesting links I’ve found on the subject. Most of these I’m posting here merely for my own benefit (bookmarks tend to not get revisited because I have so many). Slow reading, slow or bright blogging, slow life movement, I am a slow blog, the post which brought me to slow blogging: food for thought links.

So here it is: what slow blogging is to me:


Writing by hand. Typing is much faster, but I’ve found that writing by hand produces the greatest insight. I have written some good things on the keyboard, my novel for instance, which I hope to be done editing. But for insight, hand writing is the way to go. Which is why there are 3 different binders and two writing folders floating around the bedroom.

We support hand crafted. Why not hand written?


I am going to visit here more often and craft my words before hitting the publish button. Usually, I write out my thoughts. Spell check. Then hit publish. Sometimes editing the “publish immediately” to a day or two in advance so I’m not flooding my readers. But I think in the future I will edit more and publish … slower.


Asking why I need to share an item. One page I linked up there commented, slow blogging is taking the statement “I need to share this” and adding “because” and then finding out if it’s a relevant comment.


Getting back to the original purpose of this blog. I strayed off purpose because I felt I was sharing too much of myself. Putting my whole sexual life out there was easier when I was struggling with sex.


Slowing down content. There is a lot of information out there. Last night I overwhelmed myself with it. If you know anything about the Zeitgeist Effect “documentary”, then you know the wealth of stuff those people are talking about. If you don’t know it, take a watch of it. It’s out there for free on Google Video.


Slowing down every where in my life. Thursdays feel like emergencies to me. I work and don’t get home until around 5 PM. And I’m exhausted, but I have to whip up supper and then run our child to dance class by 6:30 and we try to leave by 6:15.

We could be late. It wouldn’t kill us.

Reading also often feels like an emergency to me. Slowing down would allow me to get the main idea better. to deeper get into the book.

That’s all I have for right now. Today I’m home sick with the kid, we both have terrible colds. What’s your slow blog?

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