Sexual update

Things are still up and down via my libido. Somedays I get really into sex. Somedays I could care less.

I think it’s rather naturual. Human nature and hormonal levels and all.

I don’t hate having sex. Which was the point.

I don’t always understand it. When I focus too much on the workings. It just seems rather odd. Tab A, Slot B. Bodies on top of each other, rubbing, humping. Very strange indeed.

But, I feel like I’ve succeeded in my goal. I like sex. Sex feels good. I like to get it up the butt. I even enjoy cunnilingus. Something that made me shut down mentally.

I don’t think I’ll ever like being woken up in the middle of the night for sex. I suspect it could always trigger me.

But, my sex life is good.

I have a new plan and a new direction. But right now I have to run to the store, my fiance’s work and then to pick up the kid.

Oh yes we are getting married at the beginning of summer. 🙂

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