What's next then?

So, as I stated in my last post I achieved my goals that I set out when I started this blog. More or less. I feel I have. Anyway … justification really is my downfall.

I’m left wondering where to go. Delete the whole thing? Just leave it and move somewhere else?

I decided to just change directions.

The new direction shall be *Drum Roll* coming alive=living simply. I’ve been on the green movement for a long while, like since I was a kid. I write about it occasionally. I read about it a lot.

I read Affluenza a few weeks back. And I’m reading a follow up by one of the author’s, David Wann, called Simple Prosperity. And I’m thinking  I need to have some sort of accountability for this new endeavour. The last one worked out fairly well.

I’m not sure what my goals are for “living more simply” are right now. I’m going to let that percolate.

The other thing is I’m trying to figure out the best way to promote my writing/myself. I don’t know what the best way is for this. Self-pub, free giveaway + donation solicitation, traditional methods.

Why is it so fucking difficult? It’s not like even if I go traditional I’ll make any decent money off the thing. The point is to have people reading. I did make $2.50 from my lulu store. So I feel like I accomplished something. I know who bought it but hey, a sale is a sale. So … onward we marching soldiers.

Tomorrow I’ll show you where I hide all my free smut. And I have taken down all but a few of my posts (all the feminst porn stuff is staying). 57 remain. All the personal multiple stuff has disappeared. As is life as I know it … okay maybe not that much of a change.

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