Changing Gears

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I realized that I made my writing too accessible to my Facebook account where I have students as “friends”. It was too close for comfort so I deleted the old space and the asrais twitter acount, previously advertised. I found out my old ASRAI account is active on twitter. While not a far cry from asrais, I haven’t advertised it under my REAL name as I did the other account.

Anyway, you can find me at And my writing, I’m not sure yet. I have two choices for putting my novel out myself- blog or website. Free blogs are sooo much easier to navigate and stuff than free websites. I know websites are cheap these days, easier to get to, shorter urls etc, etc. I just really don’t want to maintain my own site.

The story is here for right now. If you are interested.

I think I’ll experiment with putting both out there and see what people respond better to.

And annoyingly enough, despite DELETING certain webpages/twitter accounts or whatnots, they remain unavailable. Foolish of me to delete them I suppose.

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