Ever changing mission

Hayden at Through the Illusion had a call out for passionate people.  I think the form is closed, but it’s an awesome blog that I’ve been following for a long time and is worth a look around.

I was asked to define why romance writing makes me so passionate, and how it relates to my purpose. I won’t ruin the entire thing right now. It took me a long to write what I did and I think it needs some editing still, but that’s neither here nor there.

But I came to define things as Writing makes me Come Alive.

Words make me happy. Stringing them together make my heart sing.

I write a number of things: blogs, random rants, journal entries, erotica, and always romance. I’ve written romance since I was a kid.

Relationships are at the heart of humanity. Without relationships we don’t have jobs or family or friends. Almost all of us are looking for someone to share our lives with and possibly put a small drop of the next generation out there.

What is sad is that we don’t have the skills to deal with that person once we’ve met them. We don’t know how to deal with jealousy and conflict and what we should do when we are attracted to someone other than our partner.

I think that’s what romance novels are about. Dealing with the conflict, merely early in the relationship, that comes with coming into a close relationship with another person. The characters are somewhat damaged and afraid of said relationship. And then they are forced into a corner and they have to decide whether they can get past their damage or if they will succumb. And since we want to read a happy novel, of course they get over things and get together.

I got an email from someone on Tribe.net who considered erotica suprerrior to romance because there is no bullshit. Disagree. They are equal if well done. Erotica doesn’t work if there is no plot, no characters, no conflict either.  To me, romance has a physical part of it as well. Sex is a naturual



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2 responses to “Ever changing mission

  1. The forms are still open, but you can also email me at hayden [dot] tompkins [at] gmail [dot] come!

    P.S. I loved reading this article.

  2. asrais

    I loved the call out and it really really helped me to define why I write and I took a really good look at myself. Introspection is fun!

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