Call to Action

I signed up for Darren Rowse‘s problogger, 31 days to a better blog. Which was a mistake because I don’t have time or energy to blog everyday.  And I don’t check my email everyday either. Day 24 or so was Call to Action. Which for me would be linking to my book and asking for comments.

I fail.

I feel silly when I do it. I also have the typical ‘don’t be too self-promoting’. I also have the conundrum of not really wanting to be noticed. I’m not sure I’m writing anything of actual worth to anyone other than myself. And I feel a bit intrusive when I do it.

I have the view that I should have a question in the blog post in order to ask for others to comment.

What it comes down to is I lack blogging confidence. And I’m a perfectionist.

I have to get over these things. If I’m going to be a writer and make any money off things, I have to market myself. I have to know my abilities are SOLID and let people know how much I rock.

Because I do. I rock.  I just have to start telling people. If you have any advice I’d be glad to here it. I have some plans forming in my mind. You’ll probably be seeing them shortly.

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