Of Obsession

I will try not to write too many posts about Twilight, but it’s incredibly addicting.

I have slipped into obsession. I am in love.  I am jealous. I cannot wait to write something that I love this much. Characters who capture the imagination. Characters whom I fall in love with. Who stick. Who come alive.

Part of it is the emotions in the book/movie resonate. First, love, first loss, wanting to be together forever. Those dangerous kisses where you thought you might- you wanted to- lose control. How your first love looks divine while you feel so ordinary. The flattery, the joy, the ups and downs.

There is also the dichotomy of the “monsters”, the vampires who have a conscience, who only eat animals. They are tormented by living forever, by resisting their nature and by turning others into what they are. They have “powers”. They want to protect humans. The 100 + year old Vampire who has never been in love but falls for an ordinary girl, like he’s been waiting for her.

There is so much emotion regarding the emotions of humanity and relationships. What we have experienced if we are older/lucky. If we are too young, the emotion is what we long to have happen to us. The perfect first love.

All that heart-felt confession. It is even better for Bella because Edward has had 100 years to be self-aware. Unlike the average teenage male who is governed by his senses and hormones and what ever seems fun. It seems about write 17 female years to 100 male ones. haha.

There are some odd, disturbing parts to the book. Edward might LOOK 17, but he’s 100 or something. And I keep having the mind flashes of okay why is THAT Okay when if he actually looked older than Bella (like y’know significantly older) it would be REALLY fucking creepy. Charlie (Bella’s dad) is complacent to everything Bella does. Everyone is really. It’s not the best writing in the world.

But, if you can suspend your belief for a few hours, it’s enjoyable and fun read or watch. Despite being … 6 or 7 years my junior, Robert Pattinson is pretty hot. There may be a story sparked from that little … admiration. *grin*

Someone asked me if I recommend the book or movie. I recommend both. Read the book first, it’s much more in depth (and then when you are done, check out Midnight Sun) than the movie. The movie is fun if you enjoy adolescent fantasy. I don’t really like it as an adaptation of the book, but as a movie it’s good.

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2 responses to “Of Obsession

  1. I just read about your awesomeness over at Through the Illusion!! I was inspired by your words. From what I’ve read so far you’re a great writer and you should definitely keep writing and writing and writing. As a writer, I completely understand your passion for it and I think it’s great that you are embracing it and being awesome in it. Great post too!! I haven’t seen Twilight yet or read the book (I have a slight — okay, not-so-slight — vampire phobia) but you’ve definitely piqued my interest here!

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