Happy dance!

Lots of good stuff today. In order of my excitedness.

First, I finished Ky and Serena last night. The first draft. It’s around 40,000 words. It will probably end up around 50 in the edit. I usually have more stuff to add than delete. Not quite as many words as planned, but that’s how it goes.

Second, Hayden at Through the Illusion has included me in her carnival of awesome this week. Definitely in good company here with the others included including, Dani of positively present, and Ivan McKeithen. And of course, Hayden herself.

I loved defining myself the way I did for Through the Illusion. It really helped me to clarify my passion and why I love writing so much.

Ahhh squee.(I took a break to check email, email public bookshelf about and to twitter a bit and I can’t get a handle on my thoughts. I’m so excited).

Third, I am going to insure my new to me car. A 2001 Kia. My intrepid is finally dead as we are not putting more money into it. It’s got nearly 300,000 KM. Too many, too many things going wrong. The downside is I have to remember HOW to drive a standard transmission again. Out of a driveway.

Have a great day. Mine is all ready off to a great start!

Read My Novel:

Second Chance Romance, read my erotic short stories.

I’ve had word that my link to public bookshelf appeared to be dead. It is working for me in Firefox and IE, but once you get to the novel you cannot click “begin reading” to start. You have to go to the sidebar and choose a chapter. I’ve emailed them about this problem, but am waiting to hear back. If there’s a problem drop me a comment or email asrairdATgmail.com or asraidevinATshaw.ca


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