Creating Balance

I am beginning to feel a little compulsive about novelling. Plotting always being my priority. I was-am feeling unbalanced.

There are other things in life than writing. I cannot seem to remember them. Housework and most of life in general seem to fall by the wayside.

My priorities are: family > work > writing > Twilight > everything else.

Family includes meals, minimal housework that keeps life running, driving my daughter to her activities (preferably with a laptop so I can write and drive), and presently, planning our wedding.  I look forward to being Mrs. somebody, the planning is irritating.

Work means sleep and minimal personal hygiene and a little housework stuff. As well as my duties to my local Freecycle.

Writing, right now, is mainly ACTUAL writing. But, some blogging, social media and other forms of self-promotion.

Twilight, well … I already wrote about that little obessesion. It’s a fun book to read, movie to watch and the soundtrack is nice.

Thanks to Wii Fit and my job I’m getting a little sunshine and aerobics and lots of stretching (via Wii Yoga) into my day. Stretching is important to keep myself painfree. I have joint pain since I was sixteen for unknown medical reasons.

I am not sure what to change. Writing fills the cup of my soul up. I need it to fill my soul so I have energy to do the rest. Perhaps I just need to slow down with it. Keep writing on paper more often, journal more often. Change up the routine. Start reading fiction to have more than one character set in my head at a time. Usually I have several projects on the go. Narrow focus is making me a little crazy.

Getting rid of access to solataire would be good too.

What are your ways to keep your life balanced?

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