I clicked on a link on the wordpress homepage to an interview with a woman who had a late-term abortion from the recently murdered Dr. Tiller.

And then I accidentally close all my windows and lose the article. So I search it and find newsbusters.org who don’t even deserve a link.

I’m not sure if I’m stupider than all the Fetus People (not my word, I stole that from mahblog) commenting. Why? Because I”m reading all their comments and shaking my head.

It all comes down to the arguement that women suddenly decide that at 8 months pregnant, they don’t want the baby.Yeah right.  It’s a BABY.

From the above link:

I’m explaining this because remarkable numbers of people don’t seem to understand why defending a right to elective abortion in the third trimester is insane. No woman in her right mind willingly carries a pregnancy that far and then decides to abort. Doctors won’t perform such abortions, anyway. Even Roe v. Wade permits states to ban third-trimester elective abortions.

Some, many I suspect, of these women are having abortions because of medical issues either in themselves or their unborn babies.  Maybe these babies would live outside the uterus. No one really knows. These woman want to spare themselves and their baby any unnecessary pain. There’s a nice account of a woman here as well.

IF there is a chance for viability of the baby, y’know past that magic 24 weeks, and the mother’s health is at risk, they’ll try their damnedest to save the baby. My best friend had her baby 3 months early, he’s now healthy and at home.  Thank the Universe.  These women forced to choose are not so lucky.

The pro-life camp paints these women as uncaring, lazy people who just don’t feel like dealing with their pregnancy.

Again from this link:

However, I believed back in the 1970s that NARAL made a big mistake by not supporting some clear legal gestational limits for elective abortion based on the Roe v. Wade guidelines. Without such clear limits, the Fetus People have been able to market many urban legends about women in their ninth month of pregnancy suddenly deciding to “kill their babies” and terminate a healthy pregnancy. Most states eventually adopted gestational limits, but people are so confused about what’s legal and what isn’t that the urban legends seem credible.

And their doctors as for-profit, blood hungry evilness personified who just want to rip the life out of the women. I find it hard to believe that picture.

Having never been in the position to have to make such a decision, I cannot imagine the thought that has to go into deciding to have an abortion.

I thought about it once upon a time. I barely new the father, but 7 years later, here we are,a bout to get married.

I am one lucky bitch. My pregnancy was a breeze and my fiance is a dream.

And then we decided NOT to have any more children. Thankfully birth control has worked for me and I’ve not had to decide any more tough decisions.

I would love a world were all birth control worked and was available and women weren’t raped by men. Where all women were in happy relationships and then decided to become pregnant and have happy, healthy babies all the time.

I don’t live in that reality.

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