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So I finished my second hockey novel. The first being Second Chance Romance.  Only it doesn’t have a title. I am terrible at titles. I don’t have the faintest clue what to title it. My friend who is my pre-reader is in Vegas and can’t help me. Anyone want a pre-read? Anyone good with titles?

I have this beautiful thing I’ve written most of. I love it (a little too much). I just don’t know how to end it. I’d love to share it.  I might share what I’ve done so far. I was listening to a lot of VnV Nation at the time.  It’s about a girl who ran away from her life and now 6 years later she meets the love of her life. I just have no idea WHY she ran away in the first place. It’s titled Colours of the Rain for the VnV Nation song that inspired it. (I’m oft inspired by music).

This video has quickly become an obsessive listen in our house.

And last but not least. For a wedding present we adopted a terrier/pug cross puppy from the local animal pound thingy. And it got parvo virus. It’s like the flu but deadlier.  A week later she’s back, costing us as much as a purebred puppy. But she’s so cute and we pledged to take care of her.  She’s quite skinny now but is energetic again. Here she is under the computer.


So now she’s sleeping at my feet and my husband is sleeping and the kid is gone off to Grandma’s, leaving me free to write smut.

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  1. She is ADORABLE. Totally heart melting.

    And, even though you are title-less, it is great news to hear that you’ve finished the book!

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