In the name of fun

I came across from Help a Reporter Out a query for an article about parents who post TMI on their facebook statuses about their kids. And thus across, STFU, Parents a website dedicated to making fun of parents who post too much info on their kids.

Some of them were humorous- potty training exploits and the like. Some of them are reasonable status comments- like moms who love taking pictures of their cute new baby or talking about lack of napping with other mom friends.

Seeing as how this is what being a parent equates to and Facebook status updates are the minutiae of your life.

And all the comments allude to the posters/submitters being better than the parents who are posting on Facebook. Judging people.

Don’t you dare say anything about how offensive it is to make fun of your friends, because the website is ALL IN GOOD FUN.

Shenningans. Going behind your friends back and making fun of them is NOT FUN. That’s passive aggressive at best. Making judgements of people (which I”m guilty of doing all the fucking time) is not fun.

Most of our censure of others is only oblique praise of self, uttered to show the wisdom and superiority of the speaker. It has all the insidiousness of self-praise, and all the ill-desert of falsehood.
~Tyron Edwards

When We Judge Others… (article) by S. J. Reisner on AuthorsDen (22 July 2009)

Judging is about making yourself feel better and someone else feel bad.  In this case, parents who post about their kids latest potty-training exploit should feel their lives are sad and pathetic, because the reporters don’t want to read/see that shit (literally).

Too bad. When you friend a parent on facebook (many of the submitters to the site claim “I don’t know why this person is on my friends list, I barely knew her … ” or something close to) this may be what you get. And if I friend other people I’m going to get all sorts of weird things- like right now a guy I knew in high school is posting at least twice a day that he’s bored. I don’t really care, but that’s his status so … on we go.

I try not to post things on my Facebook that other people won’t want to read. I try to make my life a little more witty than it really is.  I’m hyper aware of privacy issues stemming from Facebook- I try not to even post pictures of friends’ children unless I know they have done so themselves.

I have more thoughts on judgment to be posted later. Including, how I judge people.

The moral of the story is you will be judged on your Facebook or Twitter status. It doesn’t get much more shallow than that.

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  1. Wow! Could you repeat that? An perception ! What a thought ! Beautiful .. Amazing …

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