Debating Women's Rights

I post this video on my Facebook recently. I cannot embed the video so you’ll have to watch it.

It’s an amazing 6 minute video about child brides in developing countries.

And this “guy” I knew from school, he was actually in a band with my brother, comments “that girl who set herself on fire, that’s crap.”

And I wasn’t sure how to take that comment. Was it crap that she felt that cornered in her life that she resorted to setting herself on fire, or is it bullshit that she really did or what?

My MIL messaged me and says, “your friend is an ass.”

So I questioned what he meant. ANd he replied, the husband should be blamed for the girl setting herself on fire.

Which results in a 10 point argument back and forth. Me saying that the girl had no choice in who she married, how much education she got and so on, and she felt she had no other choice but to try to kill herself (I presume) by setting herself on fire.

He replies: SHE DID IT. She’s to blame.


c’mon if you were in her situation, would you set yourself on fire?

I dunno, living here where I have a choice about who to marry, when to marry, if I get a college education or not and how many children I have and a TV costs a weeks worth of work, I have NO IDEA how I’d react if I were 15, married and broke a TV.

And then it went on a bit more with the same. and finally I had to remove him as a friend, because I was almost crying and definitely shaking with anger.

I don’t understand the comments.

Her husband didn’t set her on fire. This is true.

But, I know there is a world where girl’s are so afraid of their fathers/husbands/uncles/cousins/men-around-them that they will kill themselves rather than face these men. Where girls are routinely- sold, married as children, beaten, raped and then blamed for it happening and then often killed. Where they cannot choose EVERYTHING I take for granted- choosing HOW to live my life.

And it hurts me deep in my soul that ONE person would have to live like that.

I’m one lucky bitch.


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