Blogs that don't post daily

Or even weekly.

I find that I unsubscribe from blogs that post content everyday. There are a few expections to this rule. But on the whole, I don’t get online everyday and I enjoy a wide variety of reading material.

I’m enjoying slow blogging. Only posting when I have something to say. Means I don’t get a huge following. But if one person is reading my words I’m a happy duck. Or fae.

I don’t blog often becuase I’m too busy writing elsewhere.

Then again this is also my personal blog. I have finance ideas and cooking ideas and crafting ideas that I could blog about. I could spend a lot of time blogging about them. And I might use them for submission to Wisebread, or Hubpages or Askables. I have no desire to run a finance blog or cooking blog or crafting- I don’t do any of those things on a daily basis. And I have a day job and I’m a mother and wife and ….

Part of it is I’m afraid to make a commitment I don’t think I can keep. I can’t promise to blog everyday or every week even.

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