The new trend in job interviews/applications is asking for your username AND passwords to any social networking site, in particular Facebook.


Any job that is that interested in my personal life is too much.

In my off hours I’m allowed to engage in any legal activity and broadcast that to the world if I want.

I’m paranoid enough about my writing hobby getting out. I try to use my pseudonym and not my real name wherever possible. And I’m careful about where my real name is used. I’m about ready to use one of those IP masker so anything with this name can’t be traced back to my account.

Would I be judged on Facebook for joining LBGT Rights Groups? announcing my Atheism?  On of my groups is Pro-Sex Liberals Against Child Abuse. How would that fare?

What I do on Facebook is none of your business. My email is also private. I understand that anything I write online could be accessed publicly, albeit not easily but it’s possible.

Anyway, I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would ask for my private password. There is a reason you have to set a password. PRIVACY. Invasion of privacy. How long before one of these employers are sued for invasion of privacy?



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  1. When Facebook began to get real popular years ago, there was a rash of newspaper stories about people having jobs denied because of some slightly embarrassing photo that they had because of their fraternity or what not. Nowadays a lot of people have backed off on this criticism because of the real usefulness of social networks to employers to locate good candidates.

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