This year is a very hard year. My DH has been laid off and despite numerous job applications, few interviews have come in. Employment Insurance from the government allows us to get by but not by much.

Last month we had to replace our furnace- it was smelling like gas in the house and our computer power supply died.

We have some savings for Christmas set aside. Again- not much. People are getting hand-made items.

It’s really hard to do that. When we got to my dad’s my brother, step-brothers and girlfriend’s all work in the oil industry. They give my dad and step-mom expensive presents that we couldn’t afford even when we both worked. And I always felt … bad about it. I know I shouldn’t but I do.

But then I realized that maybe I’m okay. My one step-brother won’t commit to his gf. We are quite close and this upsets her a lot. My brother has his own issues with his girlfriend and her children and their baby together.

I’m happily married with one beautiful daughter and lucky enough to have his support and excitement when it comes to our second child, quite actively kicking me.

We have our health. This pregnancy is going just fine. I have my job I love. I have time to write. My daughter is able to continue karate. We continue to have a roof over our heads and food in our fridge and bellies. We haven’t had to ask for outside assistance (other than EI).

We are rich in many ways. We will be able to spend Christmas with family and that’s probably what is most important to them anyway.


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