101 Degrees Farenheit: Book Review

101 Degrees Farenheit by Eva Gale is the second most downloaded books on Smashwords, second only to  It is a short story running just over 5000 words and is free for download.

The story starts out with the heroine, Kathy Roberts’ air conditioner breaking. She props open the door of Great Headz Barber to try to get some air flow, as it is indeed 101 degrees farenheit outside.

Lucky for her she’s on her last customer of the day. Then she’ll close up shop and head to her sister’s for a barbecue. She starts making small talk with the customer in her chair. His profession, mechanic. How did she come up with the name for her shop?

And then, as she is reaching around him, he noses her breasts. She reprimands, and he apologizes. The hair cut goes on and he takes an opportunity for a taste of her- well, she is wearing a shirt. She tells him he’d better go. He responds by pulling her closer and agreeing to go: after he kisses her for one minute.

She threatens to call the police. He pulls her closer and kisses her anyway. She feels a thrill that she hasn’t felt in a long time. He closes up the shop and shoves her on the chair.

The characters had a nice chemistry between them as their story unfolds. The sex was very well done. The author has a nice mix between build up inside the characters and the actual physical motions they go through. There was also a nice mash-up of back story of the characters and what they were going through during the story.

101 Degrees Fahrenheit by Eva Gale available on Smashwords.

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