Review: Conrad's First Girl

Excessia publishes erotic fiction not for the light hearted. Things such as non-consent and incest, which are too taboo for other publishers, you can find in the shelves of Excessia.

Conrad’s First Girl by Varian Kyrlov is a free short story from Excessia.

It starts out describing Conrad, rather poetically, as good-looking, being able to read people, patient and confident in his seductive skills. Which suit him for his new “predilection”, which is not described yet, but is the basis of the story.

And then we delve into the story of Conrad preying on young, average college student Elsie. At the end of their first date, he invites himself upstairs and lets her watch him masturbate. There is an air of forcefulness in the text, but he never touches or threatens her explicitly.

She finds herself frightened, humiliated and turned-on. The second scene describes her emotions in detail as she sits outside his lavcious house for their second date.

If you’ve had fantasies of force and worried about them coming true, you can easily put yourself in Elsie’s place emotionally.

Would you go in for a second date? More important for our story, if she goes in what will happen to her this time? During their first date Conrad promises, ” “Not tonight, but one night very soon, Elsie, you’re going to feel my cock inside of you.”

This is a prequel to Abduction by the same author, but works well as a stand alone.

The implied force and humiliation is never explicit, he leaves the choice to continue up to her. It makes for a very hot read.

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