The other options

I wrote a few days ago about why I self-published, or rather why I didn’t go for traditional publishers.

As far as I saw it I had two other options outside traditional publishing.

One was self-publishing. Which I opted for at first. The only place I knew to self-publish was on

It quickly fell short of my expectations. Forgive me, I was a newb. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know anything about marketing, didn’t have a twitter account, didn’t read too many blogs on self-publishing and marketing.

So I decided that a third option was practical. Post Second Chance Romance for free on a website. Which I proceeded to do and I blogged about here.

Then I joined twitter and linked with other authors and self-publishers.

Online novels contacted me to link my novel on their site. My novel is also on which i make money from ads.

I found out about Smashwords, which allows you to self-publish, set a price, keep 90% of the royalties and now has distribution agreements with Barnes and Noble, Shortcovers, Sony ereaders, and Amazon.

I have made some money at this so far. And I’m going to make more as I become better at writing, editing and marketing.

Why didn’t I submit to e-publishers? Partly because you still have to do your own marketing, partly because my book didn’t fit into some of their molds. I may still submit to Excessia; they are accepting submissions but are full up until mid-2010 for books.

Hell, I may still submit to anywhere with what I write next. Time will only tell.

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3 responses to “The other options

  1. Really, the best way is just to get your feet wet and figure it out from there! Marketing is not a natural process for most creative people and it definitely has a learning curve to it.

  2. happy new year – love your blog

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