Annoying Me With Stereotypes

I thought about entitling this post: why my husband is not solely responsible for the success of our family.

Here’s the story. While our daughter was young, he worked full-time, I worked part-time and went to school. Now, I’m done my course, have a part-time job in the field I trained in and am 6 months pregnant. My husband was laid off in September with 100,000 other Canadians. He recently put a resume on a stack of resumes an inch thick- we weren’t surprised when he didn’t get a call back. I don’t know how many jobs he’s applied for- a hundred at least, anything that makes more than EI (Employment Insurance). He’d like to go back to school, except our local college doesn’t have any courses he’s interested in as a career. SO we’d have to move for a couple years, then move again to wherever his job is. A thought we don’t relish because we are moving our 7 year old from place to place.

Truth be told, I should be looking for full-time work, so he can go to school. Except that in 3 months I’m having our second (very unexpected) child, so it’s hard to find a full-time job in those circumstances.

So I have a part-time job now. I work .7 of 35 hours with a commute of about 50 km. He’s getting enough to get us by and if he does get a job it has to be enough to justify paying childcare for our daughter before and after school, which is $200-300.

We have all the necessities and a few fun things like internet, satellite tv, phones, ability to have Christmas, while we pay off our existing debts we aren’t making anymore.

But it’s stressful. And I tried to confide to someone about how stressful it is and how jobs are scarce and going to school is difficult. We always make it work out. We had a lot more bills at one point with a lot less money. A LOT LESS.

But anyway, the person I confided (a relative) was upset with what she felt was lack of initiative from him for finding a job. She said “He’s got a family to take care of.”

The responsibility of caring for the family financially does not solely rest upon him. I am a grown. I am capable of working. There are issues making things more difficult. It’s half my responsiblity. I’ve been feeling quite guilty of late for not having a full-time job at this point in my life. (And I’ve tried to find a part-time job as well but there are few of those to be had as well).

It annoys me that someone would think like that. He’s always worked full-time. He supported me when I went to school. I would love to move somewhere so he can go to school and I’d support him.

I’ve been trying to be more aggressive with marketing my book, in hopes that writing will someday turn into a decent income for me. That’s my dream. I think if I edit Second Chance once more I can submit it to publishers.

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