No Harm in Fantasies

I decided to start reviewing free books available on Smashwords. Because I love romance I searched those out first. I got a good starting place- mostly short stories. Then I searched for titles done by Excessia- an erotic publisher.

And I found something out about myself and other people.

No matter what you fantasize about. Someone else does too.

No matter what.

I’ve had all these fantasies for myself. And, I’ve started writing them but got embarrassed by it and deleted the files. I was going to with Beauty and the Beast file I started. Then I decided I should share it.

I’m glad I kept it. I haven’t shared it yet.

Will I write these things down? Some of them, yes. Somethings I would prefer not to share.

Recently I read about a man who was convicted of child abuse for chatting with an adult pretending to be a teen. They chatted on line and on the phone- talking about a variety of topics from the mundane to the very sexually graphic. He made no attempt to try to meet the young girl and the article didn’t say if he knew if the woman was actually a teenager. But he was convicted of child abuse, because he likely would have tried to meet up, eventually.

There are many people who enjoy age play. Age play is where adults pretend to be a different age than they actually are, ranging anywhere from babies to barely eighteen. All participants are of legal age, but imagination is a strong thing.

Should we be punished for what we fantasize about?

Everyday people turn on their television and watch murders occur. They take part in murders and other crimes on video games.

Not much more legal than pretending to have sex with a minor. Whether in text or on the phone or even in pictures.

As long as these things stay fantasies is just fine. Few people engaging in these fantasy behaviours actually cross over to the real thing. Those that do, obviously, should be punished. Harshly. But …

No harm in fantasy.

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