Bite Size Edits

I am a horrible editor. I hate reading my work because I’m plagued by self-doubt. I sit there staring at my words thinking, THIS is the WORST thing anyone has EVER written. No one will want to read it.

More or less.

I’ve learned that part of my past hatred of editing was that my work really wasn’t worth editing. Then I wrote Second Chance Romance. And I loved it. I loved Mandy. I loved Kip and Colton and Corey.  I loved it all.

So I edited the story. But I didn’t really do a good grammar and language edit. It’s hard to edit a story because one gets bogged down with the story. I don’t notice an errant comma or run on sentence or too many ‘ands’. I use way too many ‘ands’.

I’ve thought about submitting Second Chance to some epubs for sometime. I put it off because it really did need a grammar and punctuation edit. And I’m horrible with that.

I don’t know Where I came across Bookoven. but I started following the site on Twitter. Then Bookoven started a new project site called Bite Size Edits.

I put the first chapter of Second Chance Romance up there and started editing. I post the link a few times and a few people did some edits. Mostly I did them.

It’s amazing. The first Chapter is beautiful. I’ve got a new project up there.

How it works is you copy and paste a text and submit it. You can optionally invite people to edit your text. Copyright on all edits you do is free to the original author.

As you or other’s edit the text it’s shown to you in random bite sized pieces. You type in what you believe the text should say and click “submit changes”. If you think the text is good as is, click “No Changes”.

You can also attach notes to the author. I use this often for myself because the lines are offered more or less out of context and I can’t recall what I was trying to say or if this piece of information was explained before or after.

After all the lines are seen by someone twice, the edits are offered to the author. The author reads each one and rejects, accepts or changes each edit.

It’s an easy way to edit where I don’t get mired in the story line. I can see check each line individually.

If you follow my link to my current project and do some edits, please let me know here or on twitter. If you put up any text that need editing, I’d gladly lend my hand.

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5 responses to “Bite Size Edits

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  2. Hi Asrai, I’m very happy to know that Bite-Size has been useful for you – happy too that you’ve discovered the use-case that I’ve found personally very compelling: using it on your own work.

    Very happy to have you as one of our very very early users!

  3. asrais

    Well thanks. Or well, thanks for the great program. Except that I’m finding too much to edit.

  4. Too much to edit! That’s a good thing. Think of how nice & clean it’ll be when you’re done.

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