Review: Crouton A Love Story

Crouton: A love story by T. Alex Miller is a free short on Smashwords. It is a hilarious little story with a likeable main character, Ted. There is just enough description to get Ted’s story mixed with the present.

Poor Ted, the likeable, if fastidious, hero comes home one day to find a crouton perfectly centered on his white sofa. Since he lives alone, he equates this to being ransacked. As he checks his apartment for intruders, he reasons why he doesn’t eat croutons. He also shows us his anxious past.

He can’t call his mother or the police over a crouton. He double checks his own pantry for a box of forgotten croutons- anything to explain how it got there. Eventually he removes it with a pair of tongs. But it- or rather another crouton, appears the following day.

It gets worse for poor Ted. And, as a reader you aren’t sure whether to sympathize with him or laugh your ass off.


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