Well, I laud self-publishing, I do believe that more traditional publishing still leads to more sales. I was looking at Erotic e-publishers/print publishers and saw a call out for an anthology. 20,000-25,000 words on a certain topic.

I had an idea in that topic for some time and grabbed the chance to write about it.

I’ve written about 19,000 words, edited the crap out of them. I need to add a little more. I realized I neglected to describe any physical characteristics for my heroine. And it needs another sex scene. Not sure where I am going to add that, but it’s missing one.

I am trying to write my query letter and 2-5 page synopsis based on free information I’ve found, including Bubble Cow’s 5 day email tutorial on writing queries and synopsis. You can sign up for it free on BubbleCow’s website.

I’m plagued my self-doubt. I don’t know if my book is good enough. Is there enough sex? Too much? Bad flow? Too short a word count to do the story justice? My scenes aren’t symmetrical, does that matter?

So many … questions.

I like the book. I just don’t know if the publisher will like it. And I’ve never written a query and synopsis before, so I have no idea how to go about it. I found a website showing good and bad synopses, supposedly, but I couldn’t figure out which were which unless I read the comments and found people razing them. It makes editors come off as NOT nice people and I wonder at people who submit anything. I don’t want my letter to become blog fodder for others to make fun of.

I’m going to give it my best go. I know if it doesn’t work out I have other forums to pitch my idea. I read that this “genre” is quite hot.

I understand that editors don’t care that I always wanted to be a writer. They don’t care if I like my story. They want something that can sell.

Is my story that one for this company? I don’t know. I can hope. If not, well you all will get to read it for free or cheap.

Update: I wrote the missing character description and scenes before hitting publish. I have to finish my synopsis but my mom’s birthday party took precedence today and tomorrow I have my blood glucose test for most of my afternoon off. There’s always my hour at Karate practice however.

Wish me luck.

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2 responses to “Nerves

  1. I have a friend who told me that she had a policy: every time she got a rejection, she sent out another query. And on and on. Eventually, she got published, by HarperCollins, no less…

    So: stick with it, keep writing, keep publishing however & whenever you can, and connect with as many writers & editors and readers as you can find.

    That’s my theory, anyway 😉

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