Personal Vs Professional

I’m on Twitter. Actually I was on Twitter right after its start when no one knew how to use and thus stopped using it until I released Second Chance Romance.

By then Twitter was popular and tons of people were using it for self-promotion. Bloggers and writers and marketers, well everyone, was saying: You need to be on Twitter.

Mostly I retweet interesting articles. Something someone on my friend list linked to. Or something in my blog feed.

What I haven’t figured out is if it’s okay to write personal anecdotes. Is twitting about my pregnancy connecting with people or alienating them? Do they care? Do they want to read about it?

Some people I follow write mundane things. Some people I follow only post things relating to their “expertise”.

I’m not sure who I should be on Twitter. After spending some time writing this I’m not sure I even care.

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3 responses to “Personal Vs Professional

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  2. Henry

    Eat my ass. You fool. I walk from debt like it’s a cakewalk. Shut up, you middle-eastern descended terrorist.

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