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Presented without comment:
A few days ago I made  a comment on this post.  The blog doesn’t allow direct linking to comments so I’m number 27. I was replying to #25, which I won’t quote all of but it said instead of paying of debts wait to be sued:

Finally, one of them sues you over it.
File an answer in court to their complaint, deny everything, demand proof of the debts. I learned that from Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About. The debts have been passed around so much none of them has any of the original paperwork, especailly with signatures to bring to court to prove anything. […]

So great. Who says you can’t get something for nothing?

I said this:

Henry that plan only works if you don’t owe the debt. If you do then own up and pay it off.

It sucks that the US doesn’t have help for debt repayment. In Canada there is a non-profit called Credit Counselling Canada. They BBB accredited and operate in every province.

Which brought Henry to my site to leave me two comments about my character. I was going to delete them, but I decided to just leave them.

I post without comment because the ones I want to make are stumbling over themselves.


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