Review: What a Scoundrel Wants

After finishing my last project I needed a break from the computer. I read Carrie Lofty‘s “What A Scoundrel Wants“, procured from the library. I also read a couple of Jenny Crusie’s books, which are great, but the writing is so similar I can’t say anything new about her.

I am sad to say I finished Lofty’s book. I miss Will and Meg. They were great characters.

Anyone who says that romantic fiction is escapism with easy to follow plots, hasn’t read this book, amoung others. I kept having to back track to remember where I had been the day before. I almost wish I’d gotten ill while reading this book so I could have devoted more time to it. As it was I got sick a few days after.

What A Scoundrel Wants is about Will Scarlet, Robin of Loxley’s young nephew, now working for the Sherrif of Nottingham. I’m not overly familiar with the Robin Hood myth, my working knowledge of Will is that he was played by Christian Slater in a movie. Meg of Keyworth? No idea if she was in there or not.

So Will is working for the Sherrif when the sheriff’s men ambush a nobleman and pin it on Will. He runs off to rescue a woman screaming in the forest. He’s going to drag her to Nottingham as a witness to his innocence when he figures out she’s blind. And later that she’s an alchemist. She and her sister make fake emeralds and gold. Only, her sister was arrested by none other than Will and Meg is set off to rescue Ada. Instead Will decides to turn Meg in under the guise of helping her.

Twists and turns later, Meg and Will are forced to the same side repeatedly. Both vow to turn against the other as soon as possible. Until Will finds himself willing to do anything to protect Meg.

What I loved was the witty dialogue between Meg and Will. Constantly waging a battle of words while they are forced to work together.

I will be keeping a look out for more of Lofty’s work in the future. Another of those must read authors.

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