Panic in the masses

Publishers are panicking.

For years they have been the gateway for authors to get their books read. A few self-published authors have slipped out. Even then, the publishing industry swoops in and gets a contract for that book or at least, the subsequent books.

Digital publishing allows authors to skip past publishers and go directly to the consumer. They sell their books for less but get more in return. If they are unknown, they sell fewer copies and have to do more work.

Now even established authors are taking control of their electronic rights and getting more than the usual pittance (strike through) percentage allotted to authors.

Publishers don’t know what to do. Their current model cannot compete.

It’s time for them to step-up or step-out.

Hooray for choice. Without this new model, thousands of indie author’s wouldn’t have a hope in hell of being read. As a consumer, this means you get the same entertainment as before at a better price.

Electronic books give you no recourse for resale or sharing. But if you are buying a book for 1.99 or 2.99 or even 5.99, you aren’t losing anything. Right now paperback books are $7-10. You won’t be able to resell it for more than half of the orignal price and the author gets no money for that. Now, you can tell your friends about a book you loved, they can buy it instantly. The author gets another bit of money.

If books are 1.99 then people are going to be less inclined to pirate them as well. Movies are highly pirated because what you get for the money is grossly out of proportion. (And if you say they need to cost that much because the movie needs to pay for the price of making the movie- shame on the movie industry. Stop making movies that pay the actor’s $10 mill a flick. Find someone who will do it cheaper, actors are a dime a dozen down there. Stop spending $10 million more on special effects and basic destruction. The amount of waste the average shoot it up movie must create makes me cringe.)

If I’m paying $7 to give you two hours of my time, it better be worth it. Usually it isn’t. I haven’t seen many new movies in the past 5 years. If a movie looks good enough, we wait until it comes on network TV or less than $5 at Wal-mart.

Watch: Steal this Movie II.

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