Getting things Done

Getting Things Done !
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Not talking about the famous book, Getting Things Done.

How do you get things done?

It’s life. There is writing and editing to be done. There is my job to work. The house to clean. Husband and child to spend time with. The energy required to grow a child. (Okay some of those are just mine, but not entirely unique to me as a writer, mom, human being).

After listing all that I feel like the woman in the photo.

And then there is marketing and networking. Which means devoting time to reading and commenting on blogs. Spending time on Twitter looking for interesting articles which give me ideas on writing new blog articles and also allow me to retweet and connect with more people.

There is also your own blog to write. I would love to do more reviews of Smashwords and other books. But then I have to take time away from all those other things to read the book.

I love reading. I love reading indie books. And reviewing and promoting them. But when I’m writing, I like to keep one plot line in my head. And this new plot line is a real struggle for me.

There isn’t time to balance all these things. You have to choose and for the next while it has to be writing and the house and the family.

Instead of worrying about what’s not getting done, you should worry about your biggest priorities. The rest will be okay without you.

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5 responses to “Getting things Done

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  3. poetry4597

    OMG this is exactly how I feel! I dont have any children or a husband so I can imagine that you feel the strain of trying to keep! I work, go to school, gotta keep the house hold clean and besides dealling with the day to day “surprises” that pop up in life you have to find time to pursue your dream. Becoming an author is so much more than just writing. As you mention, its marketing and everything! It can be tiring. I’m 23 and I am always sacrificing weekends out just so I can devote every once of free time to my goals. Its a hard journey but it has to be worth in the end!


  4. asrais

    Hi Gina,

    Good luck with your writing. Definatly get some links up where we can find your writing free or paid content. Giving stuff away is the best marketing. After many months I feel like I’m getting somewhere with this. Awesome that you are so focused at 23. SEe you on Twitter.

  5. I guess the answer to me is to do like Santa. Make a list and check it twice. I could go on (and on and on) from there, but won’t. The bottom line is that pretty much everyone has so much on their plate there’s no way to remember everything that needs to be done. Furthermore, many people have so many items “to do”, there’s no way to get everything done. So if one isn’t keeping a list, not only are they forgetting important things; they are not mindfully choosing between what most needs to be done. My .02 — Mike

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