Of To Do Lists

Image by RR and Camera via Flickr

I’d like to say I use to-do lists.

If I write things down they inevitably get lost on my desk. So, writing out a to-do list is something I don’t do. I have a notebook with writing plans in it. But it too is lost somewhere in my bedroom.

I’ve tried to do list websites. remember the milk, I’m sure I have an account there. I don’t like them. I don’t have a cool cell phone to link them to. I don’t see the point in typing out a list just to print it. So, they don’t work.

But I found a new site that seems like it is more than just a to-do list. Lino is an online sticky note app(?). You can do your to-do list, but also put in pictures and share with people. You can make canvases public or private.

It seems like it would awesome for something like Jenny Crusie’s collage for books but with notes. I need written notes. I am not a very visual person.

there are many more possibilities. Anyway, I`m planning on using it to share my writing plans and maybe some other things. Besides sticky notes are awesome. And even better in the virtual world.

If you`re signing up for lino, my name on there is asrai.

Okie, don`t click the Makeusof.com site listed below. It will lead you into a deep dark hole of cool new gadgety sites that you`ll be tempted to sing up for. Like noterr and clipmarks and filmsuggest. I`m going for the last two.

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